The patented, digital resort management platform Skadii gives you full and centralized control over your ski resort. Manage your infrastructure and all your important data from one place, with just one account, making it possible to take all the right decisions. Skadii in a nutshell – increased transparency, efficiency and success.


Why Skadii?

Skadii sets the benchmark in digital resort management. Over 500 resorts worldwide already use Skadii, and with good reason: Skadii was developed in close collaboration with leading industry partners in the ropeway, snow groomer and snowmaking sectors and the evolution of Skadii is ongoing. We use the valuable feedback and expertise we receive from our customers to continually adapt and advance the platform to your needs.

Skadii was developed from the ground up to make the processes and workflows in ski resorts more effective, efficient and clear, and to provide you with the ideal decision-making basis on which to optimize your operations. All of your activities and data are available centrally on the platform, updated in real time, so you retain oversight of everything that’s currently going on in your ski resort, allowing you to deploy your team effectively.


A basis for all elements

Open to all systems – modular structure
Enjoy full flexibility and freedom in the way you set up your system: Skadii is an open manufacturer-independent platform into which you can easily integrate different software and hardware. Thanks to its modular structure, all you have to do is choose the applications relevant to you and create the perfect platform tailored to the information you need. All you need to do then is to get on with managing your ski resort.
Full overview
Intelligent information architecture is essential whenever a large amount of data is gathered together in one central place. In Skadii, all of your data and information is displayed and processed clearly on a dashboard and map. This means you can see the current status of your infrastructure at a glance and respond quickly whenever necessary.
Information in real time – wherever you are, whenever you want
When it comes to maintaining infrastructure, having direct access to detailed hardware reports improves workflows considerably. Priority reports are also sent to you as push notifications. Retain full control over your infrastructure, even when you’re on the move: Skadii shows you all of your functions and data on one device at all times – laptop, desktop or smartphone. Data security is also of course, certified to ISO 27001.
Optimized information flow
As a central digital communication tool, Skadii helps you document all the important information relating to your ski resort, so it helps make processes smooth and efficient. Your team will have access to a synchronized database at all times, which displays changes in real time. This gives you absolute clarity about the current situation, and makes it easy for knowledge to be shared in your resort.
Single sign-on – single access to all of the software in your resort
Make your software landscape more secure and streamlined: with Skadii, you and your team need just one password to access every relevant application. You can also adapt the authorization each user has, which simplifies operation and helps you to uphold compliance regulations.
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Infrastructure management​

Infrastructure management

Control or monitor your ropeways, fleet and snowmaking equipment centrally and intuitively.

Skadii Maintenance Overview​

Skadii Maintenance Overview

Customize maintenance plans and be informed of forthcoming and completed maintenance work and record time spent on each procedure.
Skadii Task Manager​

Skadii Task Manager

Make things clearer and increase the productivity of your team by allocating tasks and planning resources digitally.
Skadii Global Map​

Skadii Global Map

Get an easy overview of the status of all of the infrastructure you have connected to Skadii.
Skadii Meteo App​

Skadii Meteo App

Know the optimum snowmaking windows for your snowmakers.
Skadii Log Book​

Skadii Log Book

Produce the legally required documentation for ropeway operation in the easiest way possible.
Skadii Flow

Skadii Flow

Count skiers, mountain bikers, hikers or cars and optimize the use of your infrastructure.
Skadii Energy Cockpit​

Skadii Energy Cockpit

Access key insights about your energy consumption and production in your ski resort.
Skadii Data interface (API)​

Skadii Data interface (API)

Integrate data from different software and hardware suppliers.



Provide your team with the latest technical documentation for your systems digitally.
Digital Trainings​

Digital Trainings

Give your team the tools they need to operate your infrastructure safely and effectively.


We move what moves you


Trust our customers’ feedback

Together with our partners, we have begun to write a digital success story which now includes over 350 customers throughout the world. Let our satisfied customers tell you why Skadii and its unique combination of broad experience and the latest technology is the right choice for managing your ski resort.

Skadii is an important decision support tool for the operation of our ropeways and allows us to anticipate the opening and closing of the 3 valleys links.

The Piz de Sella ski resort relies on Skadii because it is the ideal basis for decision-making in all areas of the resort.

For Bergbahnen Krings, the Skadii Task Manager offers the ideal tool for easy creation, distribution and tracking of all tasks in the ski resort.

The easy handling as well as the clear overview of the Skadii Maintenance Overview are what have convinced the ski resort
3 Zinnen Dolomites.


We’re there to assist you!

Let’s make your ski resort better together. Our team of experts are looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch any time to ask us about anything or to make an appointment.

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Infrastructure management

In all three applications, Skadii’s customizable, clear display system and intuitive touch controls make everything very simple to operate.

Passenger transport and ropeway management

We have combined the benefits of web-based IT technologies with monitoring and operating systems that are easy to use. A global overview and numerous ways of diagnosing and servicing remotely, help you to minimize the risk of operating errors and downtime.

Fleet management and snow depth measurement

Fleet management and snow depth measurement can be viewed clearly using a single interface. Skadii makes it possible to get the best out of your data and boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet management and snow depth measurement.

Your team can view the results measured by Skadii in real time and use them in their operations at the resort. They benefit from continuous workflow and optimized fleet deployment.

Precision snow depth measurement also helps to improve the cost-effectiveness of snow production.

Snowmaking management

Comprehensive resource management monitors the regulation of air, electricity and water consumption, making your systems as efficient as possible and enabling higher production quantities at a lower cost.

Skadii allows system components to communicate with each other; its user-friendly visuals simplify monitoring and control. After receiving an error report as an example, simply perform a reset and get the system going again straight away.

Optimize your snowmaking management by adding on extra programs with Skadii and clicking straight to an overview of your snow groomers and ropeways.


Maintenance Overview

The Skadii Maintenance Overview is a software application that allows you to efficiently plan, manage and document the maintenance work of your ropeways, vehicles, snowmakers and other objects across the entire ski resort using your PC or any mobile device.

In the Skadii Maintenance Overview, maintenance plans from different manufacturers can be integrated automatically and customized as required.

Completed maintenance work and time spent on each procedure are clearly documented, and future maintenance assignments are presented simply and clearly.

Staff is provided with precise instructions for their maintenance work, thus minimizing the risk of errors.

Maintenance Overview


Skadii Task Manager

The Skadii Task Manager offers a practical digital solution for the creation, distribution and tracking of various tasks throughout the entire ski resort.

Tasks can be created with one click and assigned to the respective employees or specific objects in the ski resort.

The employees are informed in real time and receive an overview of the tasks that concern them specifically.

An alarm function supports the tracking of open tasks. The Skadii Task Manager boosts efficient communication, saves time and enables the user, regardless of their location, to maintain an overview of all tasks in the ski resort.

Task Manager


Global Map

Global Map can be used on any internet-compatible device, anywhere. You can also customize Global Map to your particular needs using display levels; these levels for example can be used to display particular groups of equipment that you would like to see and hides those you don’t.

It’s easy to incorporate and display current data (such as the status of your ropeways and fleet, the performance of your snowmakers, weather data etc.), allowing you to act with better foresight. Identify issues as soon as they occur and take immediate action.

Benefit from comprehensive oversight of the status of your resort, which helps you to keep your machines and systems in optimum working order.


Meteo App

With snow windows shrinking year after year, snowmaking at ski resorts is becoming increasingly challenging. The Meteo App helps you to use your snowmaking equipment to maximum effect with the minimum of resources (energy, water, time), making your resort more sustainable and efficient.

The key to all this is a broad and full data basis: the Meteo App combines current and historical temperature and humidity levels from weather stations and snowmaking equipment with generic weather modelling to predict wet bulb temperatures for the coming ten days. It also takes geographical differences across your resort into account.

This helps you to plan your team and technical resources exactly the way you want to, saving valuable resources.


Log Book

The Skadii Logbook is the easy way to complete the legally required documentation for the operation of your ropeway.

Record different stations of a ropeway together in only one logbook and avoid the time-consuming compilation of documents.

Various functions ensure the correct and timely submission of documentation.

Benefit from central access to information on all installations in your ski resort and full transparency on inspections carried out – both online and offline.

Configure the Skadii Log Book according to your wishes and within the framework of the applicable local legal regulations.

In Austria, Germany and the Province of Bolzano, the Skadii Log Book has the relevant official approvals from TÜV SÜD
and the cableway authorities.

Skadii Logbook


Skadii Flow

Whether winter or summer, people or cars, Skadii Flow counts reliably, accurately and 100% anonymously.

Whether skiing, tobogganing or mountain biking at full speed, leisurely hiking on trails or waiting in the waiting area of a ropeway installation.

The Skadii Flow cameras detect people and cars in defined areas. This allows, for example, to determine slope and car parks utilization.

The Skadii Flow set, including an outdoor camera and an AI Box, can be set up in just a few steps.

Thanks to the Skadii Cloud connection, you can analyze the utilization of your slopes, toboggan runs, mountain bike trails, hiking trails or car parks from anywhere and at any time, use available resources in a targeted manner and make the right investment decisions in the long term.

Skadii Flow


Skadii Energy Cockpit

The Skadii Energy Cockpit provides you with valuable information about the energy flow within your ski resort.

You can access key insights about your energy consumption and energy production.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your electricity and fuel usage, as well as the energy you produce.

Plus, get granular details on how much energy different areas of your infrastructure are consuming.

This information can help you identify areas where you can reduce energy consumption, deploy your infrastructure more efficiently and consequently save costs.

Skadii Energy Cockpit


Data interface (API)

No matter what role you play in the resort – infrastructure, slope management or catering – wherever data is exchanged, Skadii provides the perfect hub for connecting various different processes and applications.

Depending on your information needs, it helps you create a comprehensive overview of all of the data in your ski resort, in one application, giving you the perfect foundation from which to make strategic and on-the-spot decisions.

And of course, you can export data from Skadii to other applications. You do this using the same data interface, giving you full flexibility and freedom in how you process your data afterwards.

Data security is especially important wherever a lot of information flows together and is passed between different sources. An ISO 27001 certification means we comply with high standards, so you can concentrate fully on your business.



Manuals, plans, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic circuit diagrams –  COPILOT provides everything you need to use and maintain your equipment.

COPILOT is easily accessible using any browser and can also be used offline on iPads and Windows 10 devices.

In the app, navigation is made easy by full text searches and catalog browsing, so you can quickly find any document you’re looking for.

Use COPILOT to maintain and smoothly service your ski resort infrastructure, giving your team more flexibility and mobility as they work.



UPILOT® gives you access to a comprehensive training catalog for a variety of professional profiles and technologies. eLearning resources compliant with SCORM (a reference model for cross-compatible electronic learning content) are tailored to the seven roles of a ropeway operation and maintenance team and can be organized into practical training plans.

Continuously increase knowledge and competence in your resort. Generate reports that show how your team are progressing, choose between different training and file formats (3D, PDF, HTML and others) and assess how your team performs in emergencies using simulated scenarios.

A smart authorization management system for trainees, coaches and managers makes UPILOT® intuitive to use. Of course, you and your team can access this feature online from a browser at any time.

What would you say are the benefits of Skadii?

Skadii is an important decision support tool for the operation and troubleshooting of our ropeways. It allows us to follow the machines in real time with their speeds and operating times. 

In order to improve our energy efficiency, we can monitor and control the speed of each installation in relation to its current usage.

A display of maximum wind speeds with the trend over the last hour allows us to anticipate the opening and closing of the 3 valleys links. 

The live visualization of the faults present on the ski lifts and the daily report summarizing the data history with the availability rates allow for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance

Sebastien Pascal

Sébastien PASCAL
Technical and Operation Director

Les Menuires St. Martin

What would you say are the benefits of Skadii?

For me, the big advantage of Skadii is that it gives me all the information I need at all times, wherever I am. That helps me make decisions quickly, and in the end, it saves me time. As a resort manager, seeing at a glance whether all my machines are working properly and what my team are currently doing helps me enormously.

You’ve worked with Skadii – how would you summarize it?

Well, it’s as if I have an assistant who puts all the information I need on my desk in front of me and helps me wherever I go. I’ve been waiting for a product like this for ages – it’s incredible!

Igor Marzola
Managing Director Piz Sella

What would you say are the benefits of the Skadii Task Manager?

The Skadii Task Manager works perfectly in every area of my mountain. Using it is super-easy, including on my mobile phone using the Skadii App. We launched it just recently and almost all my team are already using it, so we can finally say goodbye to illegible handwritten notes and unclear tasks. Everyone knows what they have to do and by when.

You’ve worked for a season with the Skadii Task Manager – how would you summarize it?

The Skadii Task Manager is a really great product and makes my work as a ski resort manager so much easier. I can always keep my eye on everything and see problem areas straight away.

Robert Lasshofer
Operation Manager Bergbahnen Krings

What would you say are the benefits of the Skadii Maintenance Overview Tool?

It’s easy to operate, and that’s a big advantage. It meant we could get everyone at the company working with the same new program right away. Combined with the Skadii App, you can look into maintenance stages wherever you are, even without internet, and then get on with them – it’s a massive help, especially in the workshop.

You’ve worked for a season with the Skadii Maintenance Overview tool – how would you summarize it?

I’ve got clear oversight of all of our maintenance stages, including those that are not yet due – wherever I am, and at all times. It helps me plan jobs and resources more effectively.

Dr. Ing. Mark Winkler
Managing Director 3 Zinnen Dolomites

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One access point for all solutions: skadii is the ideal digital cockpit combining various different software solutions in one application, thus providing you with a comprehensive overview of your ski resort in real time with just one click. By bundling various different data sources and the corresponding analyses it provides a unique information pool for managing your entire ski resort. You decide yourself, which applications you want to use, or add. The clear user interface makes switching between different programs easy. skadii integrates the operational data of different hardware manufacturers and software solutions of different providers in order to provide you with the latest and best solution for managing your ski resort and to continuously optimize your operations management.

Want to know more?



Control all components of the snow making system such as snowguns, lances, pumping stations, weather stations, and cooling systems, etc. easily and from one display. With skadii, system components communicate with each other and, thanks to the user-friendly visualization, can be clearly and fully controlled and monitored. Detailed graphics and statistics provide valuable data analyses of all work steps and operating states and provide your staff with optimum support. A comprehensive resource management function oversees the regulation of air, power and water consumption, and therefore ensures that your system is as efficient as it possibly can be and helps you achieve greater output at lower cost. Production, distribution and grooming: optimize your snow management by connecting other programs to skadii and switching to an overview of the snow groomers or lift systems with just one click.

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Snow Groomers


Everything at your fingertips: with skadii you can find out where your fleet of vehicles is and what it is doing, 24 hours a day. All fleet management and snow depth measurement information can be accessed via one single user interface. The clearly laid out display system means that the functions can be operated intuitively, it ensures a continuous workflow and increases productivity. Recorders on the vehicles send route and handling data via mobile data networks, enabling you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet management. skadii also allows you to visualize your ski resort thanks to integrated snow depth measurement. 3D models of the snow-free terrain form the basis for precise snow measurement and cost-effective snow production. As such, operators can view the exact snow depth and the terrain profile in real time via a monitor and respond to the data obtained via GPS antennae and angle sensors when grooming snow.

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skadii allows you to centrally manage your ropeway installations in real time via a convenient user interface. skadii incorporates the advantages of web-based IT technology into intuitive monitoring and operating systems: The general overview over installations’ operations and over the entire ski resort reduces the risk of errors in daily operations and minimizes downtime. Continuous data monitoring ensures that processes are traceable, guarantees that the system runs smoothly, initiates measures and provides notifications where necessary. Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance via the Internet as well as numerous other online services provide support in terms of system maintenance and repair. skadii’s customizable and clear display system and the intuitive touch controls via multi‑screen or tablet mean that it is extremely easy to use.

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skadii auf der Interalpin 2019

Bei der Interalpin, der Fachmesse für alpine Technologien vom 8. bis 10. Mai 2019 in Innsbruck, präsentierte HTI Digital die neue Resort-Management-Plattform Skadii. So konnten zahlreiche Medienvertreter und weitere interessierte Messebesucher die Funktionalitäten der offenen Resort Management Plattform kennenlernen und mit den Experten sprechen. Skadii vereint die operativen Daten unterschiedlicher Hardwarelösungen und Softwareapplikationen verschiedenster Hersteller bzw. Softwareanbieter auf einer intuitiv bedienbaren Benutzeroberfläche und bietet damit dem Skigebietsbetreiber eine optimale Entscheidungsgrundlage, um sein Skigebiet über einen einzigen Zugang einfach und effizient zu managen. In der kommenden Wintersaison werden bereits zahlreiche Skigebiete die Resort Management Plattform Skadii im täglichen Betrieb einsetzen.

Immer und überall dabei


Worin sehen Sie die klaren Vorteile von skadii für Ihr Skigebiet?

skadii gibt mir eine generelle Übersicht des Skigebietes. Vorher musste ich verschiedene Verantwortliche zu unterschiedlichen Tageszeiten anrufen, um diese Übersicht zu bekommen. Mit dieser neuen Applikation kann ich dieselben Informationen immer und überall abrufen. Außerdem ermöglicht mir skadii, die Software und die Hardware von Drittanbietern zu integrieren. Das macht diese Applikation so flexibel, leicht, sehr intuitiv und einfach handzuhaben.

Wie unterstützt Sie skadii in Ihrem Arbeitsalltag?

Der große Vorteil von skadii ist, dass ich die Applikation über mobile Endgeräte immer und überall benutzen kann. skadii ist sowohl auf mobilen Endgeräten als auch am PC benutzbar. Jede Information, die ich über mein Skigebiet brauche, habe ich immer bei mir und das ohne in der Nähe einer Aufstiegsanlage, einer Beschneiungsanlage oder eines Pistenfahrzeuges sein zu müssen.



Worin sehen Sie die klaren Vorteile von skadii für Ihr Skigebiet?

Das Tolle an der ganzen Sache ist sicherlich, dass bei skadii die Bedienung und die Handhabung sehr einfach aufgebaut sind. Informationen die für mich wichtig sind, kann ich ganz individuell anpassen und anzeigen lassen. skadii filtert mir die gesamten Daten vom Skiberg heraus und diese Daten und Informationen werden vom System verarbeitet.

Wie unterstützt Sie skadii in Ihrem Arbeitsalltag?

Informationen und Daten zu Liftanlagen, Pistengeräten, Beschneiung, Wetter und anderen Maschinen werden gesammelt und auf der Plattform dargestellt. Wenn es irgendwo Abweichungen oder Änderungen gibt, kann man schnell reagieren.

Sie haben nun einen Teil der Saison lang mit skadii gearbeitet – wie lautet Ihr Resümee?

Seit wir mit skadii arbeiten, sei es am Handy oder am PC, ist der gesamte Skiberg gut überschaubar. Und wenn es einmal irgendwo Probleme gibt, wird man automatisch informiert.